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Digital Solutions Center (DSC)

  1. Dentsu Digital Holdings and relevant divisions of Dentsu work together as one digital agency
  2. Divisions and affiliated companies coordinate creative planning, promotions, direct marketing, data management, and other services in the digital communications domain
  3. These frameworks enable integrated, seamless planning and execution of mass marketing, promotions, direct marketing, and online CRM

Relevant divisions of Dentsu & Dentsu Digital Holdings(approximately 2,700 employees)

  • Digital Business Division
  • MC Planning Division
  • Digital Marketing Center
  • 株式会社電通eマーケティング・ワン
  • 株式会社ネクステッジ電通
Dentsu Digital Holdings
  • cyber communications inc.
  • DentsuBlue Inc.
  • DA search & link INC.
  • D2C INC.
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